Friday, January 14, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Greetings! Here's my official start to the Lola String Luthier blog.  The company has actually existed for more than a year on a very low profile basis, and seems to hold some promise.  I have been faced in the past couple of years with the "adventure" of reinventing myself due to the demise of a 30+ year career in the camera repair industry. I'm hardly alone in that!  Most of my past colleagues have been forced to close up shop and attempt to segue their talents into another venue.  So what do people do with broken, damaged cameras these days?  For the most part they become bookends, if they are of sufficient weight, children's toys, or find their destiny in a landfill near you!
     It is my hope to successfully combine my love of music and musical instruments, fussy pursuit of excellence as a technician at my workbench, and joy of working with wood into a new satisfying career.  I have been very fortunate to have my former violin teacher and friend Louise join me with Lola Strings.  I rely on her considerable skills in so many aspects of lutherie, music, and web-based business.  The start up has been slow, much of it can be described as "learning experience".  Where I was previously earning $50-$70 /hr. repairing cameras, I find myself netting more on the scale of $10-15 /hr.  There are no complaints though.  I enjoy what I'm doing and our customers are pleased.  Money is great but I discovered long ago, it takes more, or less, than money to give you satisfaction in whatever you do!  ciao for now. David

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